Alan Golub

Considered by many to be a creative genius, UCLA graduate, Alan Golub, carries a passion for helping others find and reach their greatest artistic potential.

Inspired by the works of America’s 20th Century Norman Rockwell who gained fame on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post and an equally noted 15th Century Dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch, both historically eminent illustrators, Alan’s expressed artistic objective is to tell the stories of accomplishment for others who cannot themselves speak or who seldom get the recognition they so deserve.

Alan is incredibly prolific in his chosen digital art form. All of his work exhibited on this site has been accomplished on his cell phone (he prefers Android) in less than 2 years. Suffering a massive cerebral hemorrhage in January of 2016, he spent much of his recovery time mastering this medium and the technology behind it in order to exercise his hand coordination and dexterity. Since that fateful day, digital storytelling has become a way of life for him with resulting blessings for many people who had no chance for recognition.

We might call that a stroke of good fortune because Alan has set out in a most unique artistic manner to help others in every facet of life, even those like his father, Seymour Golub, a bright but delinquent kid from Brooklyn recognized during the 1939-40 NY World’s Fair as “America’s Youngest Inventor” at the Westinghouse Exhibit. During World War II, Alan’s father served as a Combat Engineer in the US 3rd Army under Lt. Gen George Patton, disarming over 2,000 enemy mines and booby traps without wearing protective armor.

Alan shares a passion for disruptive technologies and interfacing especially with Millennials who are fearless in tackling new challenges. With a learned distaste for the institutional educational system of his time, which to Alan never adequately served his needs or those of other creative and artistic students and their families, Alan became a founding board member of the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy, an Idaho Charter School now rated one of the top 50 high schools in the United States.

Alan also helped establish KTEC (Kootenai Technical Education Campus), another ground-breaking school, patterned after the historic 95-year old Brooklyn Technical High School which inspired young Seymour Golub to engineering excellence, which in its first 5-years of existence has become one of the top technical high schools in America.

Alan’s vision is that one day will feature thousands of top artists to a world hungry for their unique yet professional artistic accomplishments.

Ed Bejarana

Ed started developing software for business in 1989.  His first project was a fully integrated customer relations management program for insurance agents.  Ed also worked as technical engineer for several IPO start-ups and developed the proof-of-concept applications for a search engine start-up.

Ed worked for Texas Instruments for ten years as a Facilities Engineer where he managed the fire system signals and life safety system for a semi-conductor plant in Santa Cruz, California.  He also taught as an adjunct professor at Cabrillo College.  The dot com bubble burst pushed Ed north to Portland, Oregon where he started he career as a sales and marketing expert.  He turned his programming and engineering skills back to the internet and started building tradeshow displays and websites for small businesses.

After an 18-month proof of concept period, Ed started Zenith Exhibits, Inc. in January 2007 to deliver affordable marketing and exhibiting solutions for small business with very limited budgets.  Eleven years later Ed continues to operate a very successful full service ad agency for small business.

After a dozen year stint in Portland, Oregon, Ed and his wife of 27 years relocated to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where they enjoy the Northern Idaho four season life style.

Outside of work Ed is a committed Rotarian for the Rotary Club of Coeur d'Alene, an avid business networker, chamber member, musician (serving on the worship team at Lake City Church), loves to read, spend time with his golden retriever, and sample thee great foods of the Panhandle with his wife Kay.

With technical expertise in multiple disciplines, Alan asked Ed to participate in the development of Your Story Art and Ed acts in the production management role for the company.

Charles Sorensson

Charles is a self-admitted oddball and wannabe Renaissance Man.  These days he mostly helps young businesses attract capital in industries as diverse as software, human genetics, art and finance.

He grew up with calluses on his hands and manure on his boots on a working ranch north of Boulder, Colorado.  Overcoming serious looks at becoming either an entomologist, opera singer or landscape architect, he finally followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle to become an international plant breeder (Ph.D. quantitative genetics).

He has dozens of publications on the genetics of both a tropical cattle forage (Leucaena) and a temperate pine, Radiata, and has worked in all the wild places most never visit.  For many years he led product development, wood quality testing and sales of clonal trees for what is now Arborgen Australasia in the North Island of New Zealand.  Charles recently shot down to Perth in Western Australia with the blessing of WA’s Agriculture Minister to help some of his “mates” there as they create the world’s first  seedless leucaena crop.

Somewhere along the way Charles admits he just plain got pissed off watching how some of his world-class science friends were managed by their organizations.  He “spit the dummy” (as they would say Down Under), left science, took a huge paycut and devoted himself to blasting through his glass ceiling by learning everything he could about international business.  He finished his MBA in 2010 a changed man and has been knee-deep in entrepreneurial chaos ever since, making a few lifelong friends along the way.

Charles has loved Rotary International ever since he spent a year as a high school student in Japan as a Rotary scholar.  It was through Rotary that he met Alan and Ed.  Charles begged Alan to let him help lift his art to the next level.

If you remember anything about Charles, remember this.  What motivates him more than anything else is his profound conviction that there are truly brilliant artists whose lifework will never see the light of day unless someone comes along to nurture, protect and introduce their art stories to a world hungry for human warmth and inspiration.  His goal in Your Story Art is to do just that.