Martin Family Art Project

HI Alan,

I figured I better act quickly on your offer. I have always been a huge fan of artists and illustrators. My 25-year plus advertising career primarily as a concept/copywriter began in 1977. Since I am not an artist, but I am right-brained, I have always held your work in the highest esteem.

The three pics are around 1942. My Irish immigrant dad on an island in the South Pacific, perhaps New Caledonia. My CAnadian immigrant mom’s family in Kamloops, British Columbia, which as part of the Commonwealth was war weary by the time the US got in, lost a huge percentage of men including the guy on far left. Her brother who is the other uniformed man, engineered trains in occupied Germany. The high percentage of deaths for Canadian men is why when my father asked my mom to marry him by letter during the war, she said not until she sees him come home will she commit. They had only one date after he went on a blind date with someone else to a dance. He took her to Paul Lake the next day and then he headed back to Treasure Island near San Francisco where he shipped to the South Pacific.

Thanks again for reviving these favorite family photos for us.

Best regards,

Billy Martin

Hi Alan,

I wanted to thank you for the work on my family photos. You’re work went away beyond my grandest hopes. To see these 75 year old family snapshots have new life injected in them literally. I had a twenty-five year career in advertising. I saw the advent of computer work. It’s amazing what they can do, the tools they add to your arsenal but there is no program that can duplicate artistry. A paintbrush doesn’t make you an artist. It takes natural talent. But, that is only the beginning. YOu need to cutivate that talents with hours of practice nonetheless. I worked with some real talent for years so I know and I have always been in awe.

Alan, you have a great skill and talent and to put it to work in such a novel way is truly a gift. Thanks for the gift of renewed memories. I and my family will forever be grateful. Keep up the good work.

Best to you and yours, Billy Martin

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